+LOVE +ATTENTION + HUMAN MiRed IPS is the operator of the public health system in Barranquilla. A campaign was created for the humanization program, which is a requirement within the axes of accreditation that the network must assume as IPS. CLIENT MIRED IPS BARRANQUILLA PROJECT CAMPAING SECTOR HEALTH The + LOVE is the feeling that…


CLEAN TECH INVESTMENT BANKING IN ACTION London Bridge Capital, is a financial company that needed to show how they manage their investments on the clean tech area. we were ask to do a campaign for a magazine. CLIENT LONDON BRIDGE CAPITAL PROJECT CAMPAING SECTOR FINANCIAL


DESIGNING 4 LIFE K-link is a creative agency based in London, England, is a company that focuses on creative and printing solutions. The client wanted a series of posters to differentiate the agency from the other ones in the sector whilst also becoming a source of inspiration and innovation. CLIENT KLINK PROJECT CAMPAING SECTOR DESIGN